Developing Healthy Habits in Ramadhan

Harmonious Ramadhan Experience 2016 | Developing Healthy Habits in Ramadan

  • Written by Humairah Hameed
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist & MHPA member
  • 5th June 2016

Assalamualaikum wrt wb.

The month of June was a pretty packed time of the year for me as we welcome Ramadan and food, which is naturally already a favourite topic in other months of the year (being Singaporean), becomes especially talked about in this month of fasting. 


While it might seem ironic that we place a big emphasis on food in this blessed month, I try to use it to my advantage as Ramadan could facilitate healthy eating as we strive to practice self-restraint and discipline in many aspects of our life (diet included).

On the day before Ramadan, 5th June 2016, MHPA's Education sub-committee organised a public education forum 'Developing Healthy Habits in Ramadan' at Mujahidin Mosque. This year's Ramadan event was slightly different from previous years' as there were two programmes running concurrently at the mosque (in separate rooms) to cater to both the Malay- and Tamil- speaking crowd. 


As a relatively new member of MHPA, it was quite exciting to be involved in not only the planning of this  event, but to also speak to the Malay audience on Healthy Diet in Ramadan alongside other healthcare professionals - Dr Asim Shabbir, who gave useful and handy tips in Surviving Gastric Diseases in Ramadan and Nurse Maznah Marmin who increased our awareness on Stroke Prevention.


I was glad to see many in the audience participating in the Q&A panel session and I'm sure everyone present, myself included, were enlightened by the knowledge shared and the reminders about being healthy in accordance with the Sunnah. 


The next event I was involved in was to speak about the Significance of Fasting relating to health on 19th June 2016 for a mass iftar organised by Marine Parade CC MAEC. As a Marine Parade GRC resident myself, it was indeed an honour to personally meet our ESM Goh Chok Tong who graced the event. As he was going round the tables after dinner, chatting and posing for group photographs, he managed to slide in a question to ask how many calories were there in the meal we had. I don't usually talk calories at mealtimes and it was good to know that he was on the same page too and enjoyed his food!

Harmonious Ramadan Experience video : Click Here

Alhamdullilah for these opportunities to connect with the community and insyaAllah, together, we can work towards a healthier ummah!