On 15th August 2015 and the last day of Syawal, more than 40 MHPA members gathered to have the Annual General Meeting as well as to have a good Hari Raya Gathering. 

Members gathered for lunch while awaiting the start of the AGM. Alhamdullilah, this year we had a good mix of members from the doctors, nurses and students chapter who were eager to hear the reports of the committee. 

The AGM began with the president of MHPA, Dr Zuraimi Dahlan giving a speech summarizing what was done for the past year. He was happy to announce that MHPA was now an associate member of the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations as of this year. He also thanked the team that had given structure to MHPA and gave a challenge to the members to look at the next 5 years as to how the association would be. 

The secretary, Dr Saiful Nizam gave a comprehensive review of the activities of the association as well as the membership report which numbered to 131 now, a four fold increase compared to last year. Many activities was done with the Education, Community Outreach and Islamic Knowledge subcommittees. He also gave a summary of the 1st official delegation of MHPA to the 32nd FIMA Conference in Makassar, Indonesia. 

Filzah, project chairperson of Project Damai 2015 and nurse undergraduate of NUS was allowed to give a short overview of the project this year and even played a video of the team that had gone there. Suffice to say, they had learnt a lot from their trip to Padang,Indonesia. 

MHPA also gave time to honour Dr Kutdubbin with a Honorary Membership to MHPA, the first time that the association had honoured someone. He was chosen as an

example of tireless dedication and commitment to the community. His life history was presented by Mirze, a medical undergraduate in NUS. It was quite apt that the youngest member of the association interview the oldest member as well as to listen to the wealth of experience from the man himself. 

The AGM also had its lighter moments as some games were played and many prizes given out to the Best Dressed for the occasion. 

The meeting ended with Dr Kutbuddin giving a doa' for the healthcare professionals present. 

Dr Kutbuddin's contribution to society (click here to see a brief history of Dr Kutbuddin!) 

Nurses honoured with a belated Nurses Day gift
Our latest Honorary Member with the current and previous Presidents
Student members of MHPA