MHPA Annual Charity Circumcision 2014 + CME Talk by Dr Nor Azhari

by Arif Uzair Bin Mohamad Roslan (M4, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)

2015 CircumcisionSunday, 30 November 2014 – the day when 60 Muslim boys “transformed into Muslim men”. Well, that was what they were constantly told by their parents to calm them as they anxiously waited outside for their turn. Perhaps, majority of these boys remembered that particular morning as the most traumatizing experience they ever had – especially after hearing the screams of boys undergoing their circumcision echoed in the waiting area.

As silence mainly loomed at the waiting area, an entirely different situation was unfolding in the procedure room. 10 doctors from the Muslim Healthcare Professional Association (MHPA) were sweating away yet focused on the circumcision procedure despite the screams and pleas of the kids. They were assisted by volunteer nurses and medical students who at the same time, lend a helping hand by comforting these nervous kids.

2015 CircumcisionThe annual MHPA Charity Circumcision was back again. In its fourth year running, 60 Muslim boys benefitted from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Considering the financial circumstances of their families, participants only had to pay a minimal administrative sum for a circumcision. The procedure itself was free of charge. This was made possible by the kind hearts of the doctors from MHPA who volunteered their time and expertise. Held at the Jamiyah Singapore, the session stretched from 8am till 5pm.

35-year old Mr Ridzuan Bin Sulaiman, a father of 2 participating boys, expressed his utmost gratitude for this service by the volunteer doctors and nurses from MHPA. A beneficiary under MUIS, Mr Ridzuan was relieved when he was informed that the MHPA charity mass circumcision was back. This service indeed brought some financial relief to his family considering his monthly income is just enough for his family.

2015 CircumcisionDuring the lunch break, a Continuous Medical Education (CME) talk was also organized for all the doctors, nurses and medical students involved. Dr Nor Azhari, a Consultant from the SGH Urology Department, delivered a topic on Urogenital Health. The talk was organized with the aim of sharing medical knowledge so medical professionals can also benefit from the day and later apply in their daily work.

Dr Mohamed Ghazali, a General Practitioner of the Syifa Clinic & Surgery, has been a regular volunteer doctor for the MHPA mass charity circumcision ever since the event’s first conception. As the MHPA Vice-President, he was grateful for the much greater volunteer support the event had received this time.