Formed on 18th October 2004, the Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association (MHPA) was formed for the exchange of ideas between healthcare professionals interested in Islamic principles in Medicine.

Founding Members of MHPA

They were formed by the following medical professionals:

  • Dr Khalil Razvi
  • Dr Fatimah Lateef
  • Dr Husaini Hafiz
  • Dr Mohd Ghazali
  • Dr Iskandar Bin Idris
  • Dr Abdul Razakjr Omar
  • Dr Nurhidayati Bte Mohamed Suphan

Referring to the constitution of MHPA, the objects of the association are:

  1. Providing a platform for Muslim healthcare professionals to address Islamic issues involved in healthcare and to promote health education and healthcare in Singapore, to Singaporeans in general and specifically to Muslims in Singapore.
  2. To represent the Muslim healthcare professionals in Singapore.
  3. To promote the understanding and the application of Islamic Principles in the field of Medicine.
  4. To promote the exchange of medical information and technical data among members The mission statements above do reflect a desire for an organization to band its members together to achieve a common goal.

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